Boost Sales with Point of Purchase Displays

Boost Sales with Point of Purchase Displays

Oct 10, 2018

Point of Purchase Display

At some point in our lives, we have all fallen victim to a perfect display at the checkout.

Picture this: You are all ready to make your purchases, then a point of purchase display catches your eye and you add a few more things into your cart.

Research shows that 82% of buying decisions are made while people are in the store shopping. What’s more, 53% of these decisions are classified as impulse buying.

Point of Purchase displays are a very effective way to catch your customer’s attention and upsell your product.

Here are four benefits of having a fantastic display at your points of purchase:

1. Point of Purchase Displays Can Dramatically Boost Sales

The main reason that point of purchase displays boost sales and increase revenue is that these displays allow you to increase the impact and appearance of your product at the most crucial moment – when the customer is making a purchase. In-store sales have been shown to increase as much as 65% when a point of purchase display is used.

For example: An effective display that makes the items look like must-have products at checkout. Customers will instinctively throw additional items into their basket thinking, “Why not just one more little thing?”

You have a captive audience waiting in line who are two to three times more likely to buy your product upon seeing it. And even if they don’t buy, you’ve established brand recognition.

There’s a good chance they’ll remember it the next time they come to the store.

2. They Look Great

You’ve seen it. The well-designed point of purchase display with bright colors, attractive images, and catchy text. It’s visually engaging!

When you create a fantastic design through point of purchase displays, the aesthetic appeal captivates your audience and increases the chance of shoppers choosing your products.

Whether it’s a shelf display, counter or floor display – displays provide additional space to grab the customer’s attention with the brand name, logo, and design. This type of product presentation is meant to have a communicative effect on potential consumers. The objective is to influence customers to make impulse purchasing decisions at the checkout, instead of them just strictly buying the items on their grocery lists.

3. The Sky is the Limit with Point of Purchase Displays

You never have to think inside the box with point of purchase displays.

These displays give you endless opportunities to show off products, using the most stunning design possibilities. Whether you want to use acrylic, vinyl or cardboard, there is a wide range of engaging visual displays that you can choose from.

Plus, they can be designed with shelves, bins, hooks or any other number of elements so that you can advertise your products in a visually appealing way.

4. They Are Affordable

One of the best investments you can make is in point of purchase displays and they don’t have to be expensive.

Point of purchase displays offers an affordable advertising solution for any budget and there are many options for your product or business including floor displays, posters, buttons, shelf talkers, stickers, tent cards, and so much more.

Many displays are made with flexible materials like corrugated cardboard so they can be made to order in the size or shape you need. Custom-designed vinyl or corrugated cardboard displays can last a long time or be reused, and they offer fantastic visual appeal and brand recognition.

Cardboard point of purchase displays are also lightweight and foldable. They’re easy to handle and can be moved anywhere.

Point of Sale Display

Point of sale displays are part of a great marketing strategy that’s well worth the investment. If you want to highlight your brand and stand out from the competition, Process Color Print is here to help you achieve exactly that. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to create almost anything you can dream up! Let us help you take your sales to the next level.

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