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Artwork Guidelines

  Graphic Size

Build your file at full size if it is small (less than 4’). If it is bigger than 4' we would recommend 1:12 or 1:10 scale. What scale you use doesn’t matter as long as you let us know what it is.

  Resolution Guidelines

Viewed from over 20ft away - 35 dpi at final size
Viewed from 5-20ft away - 75dpi
Viewed up close - 100-150dpi

If your file is only a few hundred kilobytes (KB) is not likely going to be printable at more than a couple of inches big.

  File Type

If you have created your file with Adobe products we would prefer to have the native files, if available. We have all the latest versions of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. We can accept high resolution pdfs or eps files if all the links are embedded and all fonts are outlined or included.

The following file types are not accepted for printing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Paint, Corel Draw, gif, low res jpg or bmp files.

  Cut Files

All cut files need to be supplied in a vector format as a stroked path, on a separate layer if possible.


All our production is done in CMYK, however, most of our machines also have light cyan and light magenta so leaving photos in RGB will get you better results than CMYK. Some colors do not translate well from RGB to CMYK and our six color machines will get you better color than plain CMYK. If color match is critical please provide us with a hard copy to match to and/or Pantone colors as reference.

  File Transfer

We have a file transfer site you are welcome to upload to or we can get it from your site if you have one. We also accept CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, email (if less than 10MB), or links to any of the file transfer sites like Box or Dropbox.

*We strive to produce quality material, but cannot be held responsible for supplied images that are of poor quality or for artwork that is supplied with errors. We would be pleased to assist you with information about scanning and prepress work if you require it. We will match color proofs as closely as possible, but not all Pantone colors can be matched in CMYK printing.


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