Our Team

Michelle Shoebridge
General Manager Front Office

I have worked at Process Color Print since 1996 and have worked in just about every department and position over my career here. I started on the print line, moved into the art department, began supervising digital printing and finishing (running some of the presses), started handling sales and customer service, and now have taken on the role of General Manager. Because of my extensive production background I have a very deep understanding of all areas of the large format industry. I know how things are produced from start to finish and that helps in my ability to recommend products, foresee problems before they happen and help direct clients to the correct product for the correct application.

Ralph Preston
Installation Department Supervisor

Ralph is our Graphics Installer Supervisor at Process Color Print, with over 20 years experience in the industry. Ralph specializes in Aerial Platform projects. He also helps to engineer all of Process Color's Large Format installations. From running small to large teams, Ralph is always a key player at Process Color's install department.

Sean Henry
3M Graphics Installer

Sean has been a Graphics Installer for 10 years and has been with Process Color Print for 4 years. He achieved his 3M Preferred certification in 2013. He is also Aerial Platform Certified. From Fleet to complex sports cars, Sean has worked with a variety of different types of installs and vehicle wraps. Sean was the lead Graphics Installer on the Banff Gondola wrap rebranding project. He also worked on the Helicopter wrap for the Calgary Library completed in Seton, Calgary.

Marty Brown
General Manager Production

Rikki Hanley
Chief Financial Officer

Iain George
Sales Director