Think even bigger with wide format printing

Think even bigger with wide format printing

Apr 11, 2018

Wide Format Printing in Calgary

Digital wide format printing is a print medium, primarily used for advertising, but can also be used for a variety of other artistic and decorative applications. The demand for wide format printing has increased drastically in recent years, and it’s no surprise. The opportunity to print with the largest print roll width possible gives designers, graphic artists, and advertisers a bigger canvas to work with. It allows them to think super sized and produce larger, more noticeable graphics for their campaigns.

Large format or wide format printing is often used to produce banners, posters, window or wall graphics and skins for large objects like vehicles, but the options are endless. This type of printing is very effective for advertising as it creates a bigger impact, allows for more visually engaging graphics and is amazingly cost effective.

Pursuit Collection to fleet wrap

How Wide Format Printing Works

Currently, the large format printing varies from 54” to 196” wide. The printing process is like that of digital printing, except on a larger scale where tiny nozzles are used to spray ink into a myriad of substrates. Instead of printing on individual sheets, large format printers use rolls of print paper that is fed incrementally or on large sheets of flat material. Sometimes printing 8’ x 10’ on a single bed.

Wide format digital printing is designed to support the maximum width of the print roll. The printing phase is faster but the result produces striking, high quality colours.

High Quality Finishes Available

A wide variety of different types of inks are used in wide format digital printing. The professional, experienced printers have a variety of options available for their clients, as one type of ink does not fit all applications. Just some of the ink system available are; dye, pigmented, dispersion dye, dye sublimation, latex, aqueous, solvent, eco solvent, U.V. and LED. Your printer should know and understand which process best fits your particular requirements based on the end application of your product.

Depending on the artwork, size and use of the project your business is looking to do, the professional team at Process Color Print can recommend the best format and inks for your needs.

Supersized Mall Branding Banners
Supersized Mall Branding Banners

Thinking Big: Banners, Billboards and more!

The best thing about digital wide format printing is that the only limit is your imagination. Wide format digital printing can be used to produce a wide range of materials, including billboards, wall graphics and stickers, retail signage, trade show displays, building graphics, vehicle wraps and so much more. With consistently outstanding image quality and so many options in finish, size, and style, digital wide format printing can bring your creativity to life!

Even better is the return on investment. With the correct high-performing inks used, the detail attainable, and the variety of finishes available with this type of printing, you can be assured that the expense that you have put into your project will be visually engaging, highly legible, and stand up to weather and sun damage.

When you’re ready to discuss your next wide format printing project for your business, our expert team is here for you – get in touch with Process Color Print today!